Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Settling In

Howdy y'all... life continues down here in NC. We finally got some much needed rain. In fact our local news and my boss recorded over 5 1/2" of rain. I spent a bit of last night while Fay covered us with rain running around bucketing water out of my gradge! But every drop was needed and I am so thankful. Richard and I just started seeing it rain, even with blue arid skys we saw it rain so rain it did!
I have been working on the studio most nights. Last week I was feeling stressed, but I stopped and reminded myself just how much time I have. I giggle as I say that because I feel so stressed sometimes, but I am trying hard to live in the moment and take NOW in to its
fullist. I had a successful firing at Hank's and am really getting excited about the fairs I am a part of. In September I will be at The North Carolina Arboretum's Heritage Craft Festival. Then in October I will be hanging with the folks in Charlotte at Craft Attack! 2008. I am gearing up making as much stuff as I can. I've been cranking out bowls, mugs, tea bowls, soy nottles. I even worked out some new pendant ideas.

I will also leave you with a great pic of our Sunday morning hike. I cannot wait to get up there this weekend and see those trees happy again... clover had her first hike witha pack. We put a water bottle and peanut butter to weigh her down and she did great! Waya was loving it as she did not have to carry a thing.
Richard is settling into his new role in the Plant Sciences Department at University of Tennessee. I am so proud of him! He is really excercising those brain cells for us! I guess when he married me he had to make up for lost time! Just kidding! No he is loving it. Teaching a plant id class and getting started on his thesis ideas and classes. I will keep you all posted as new news arrives.
Love to you all... woof woof meow

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