Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Pots on ETSY

Small Hand Thrown Pet Dish

Small Keepsake Jar

Soy Bottle Set

Hand Thrown Dog Bowl

Hand Thrown Cat Bowl

Hand Thrown Rust Soup Mugs

Hand Painted Small Mixing Bowls

Garden Gnome House

Temoku Soy Bottle

Hand Thrown Temoku Soup Mugs

Check out Lazy Dog Pottery for more... Buy Handmade this holiday season. Support your local american made crafts people!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bean Pots

It's a great time of year to heat up a beautiful pot of beans or chili on the stove. Here are a few bean pots I made recently... convo me at Lazy Dog Pottery if you are interested in ordering one. They make great gifts for the cook in your life.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So thanks for voting! I am so psyched here in NC we have not voted for a democratic president since '76 with Carter... well I was here... I just hadn't popped out yet! I am so thankful that the American people rallied and let OUR voices be heard! Young and old, black, yellow, pale, tan, orange... male, female, gay, straight... we have to start listening and talking and moving towards peace and compassion. I truly believe this is the start of something awesome...

As Gandhi said... YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD...my favorite quote in the world for some of my favorite people and just a few of the reason this girl voted for HOPE

Mugs Mugs Mugs!

I have posted some images of my mug glaze colors... from top down the colors are Robin's Egg Blue and Rust (these are both Matte glazes and are lined with a white liner), Black Pearl and Hare's Fur(these are glossy and the Hare's Fur is lined with the Black Pearl glaze for a nice dark interior), and Cobalt Ash and Midnight Ash(these too are matte and lined with white... the lighter color is in a different style than the other colors)

As with all items at Lazy Dog Pottery, each is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and 100% food safe and non toxic... And 100% handmade by me! What could be better than a handmade mug?
I decorate each mug with some opalescent white dots so each one is unique. They sell for $18.00 each, which includes shipping and handling.

I have mugs available in each of these colors and can make more so check 'em out at
Lazy Dog Pottery. There are also some one of a kind mugs listed here too... these are only available while they last due to changes in material.

Thanks for looking!